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Mailelani Turmeric & Beeswax balm is made of organic coconut oil, natural local beeswax, cold-pressed avocado oil, cold-pressed tamanu oil, turmeric root and peppermint essential oil.


This balm can be used for a multitude of purposes to cleanse wounds, reduce inflammation and promote healing.


Apply a small amount to the affected area and apply as frequently as you desire.

Turmeric Balm 50g

  • Mailelani Turmeric-Beeswax balm was first formulated for our children, to fight their cough or skin irritations. Soon family and friends were all using it.

    Some ideas:
    • moisturizing cuticles, elbows and other dry skin patches, especially in the winter
    • prevent hands from cracking
    • aids healing of extremely dry/cracked skin
    • prevents diaper rash
    • for cough and chest discomfort
    • anti-inflammatory for the relief of sore joint and swelling
    • helps to reduce fungal issues and infections
    • to treat acne

    Caution. Turmeric. Please do keep in mind that turmeric is highly saturated in color and may stain your clothing (it is the ingredient that gives curry its color.)